RECTI-FY Protocol

The same PROVEN Protocol that has healed all the women that I love the most… Keep reading or listen to my wife tell her story here.

The RECTI-FY Protocol is an 8-week program designed to restore your core integrity, fix and prevent future complications, and close that pesky gap.

Say bye-bye to ‘mummy tummy‘.

This Program contains 6 chapters:

  1. What is Diastasis RectiUnderstand what’s happening to your body
  2. AnatomyFamiliarize yourself with key structures
  3. The RECTI-FY ProtocolRehab the right way and avoid common mistakes
  4. BONUS: Practice good postureTie it all together and stand as a proud mom
  5. BONUS: How to Kinesiotape your Diastasis RectiFar superior and less dangerous than bracing
  6. BONUS: What NOT to doAvoid these common mistakes

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Diastasis Recti?

Graduate-level education about what Diastasis Recti really is, light-shedding statistics, and in-depth anatomy lessons.

  • RECTI-FY Protocol

The Centerpiece of this Program. Step-by-step guide that covers ‘prehab’ through rehab. Includes descriptions of exercises, pictures, and a rehab schedule to keep you on track.

  • Bonus Chapters

Bonus Chapters include: Postural retraining and tips; Kinesiotaping at home; and ‘what NOT to do’.

(Dan) did a great job walking me through the process and showing me how to take back control of my body. It wasn’t easy the first time but Dan is great at explaining the process and helping me to understand why I was doing the things he was suggesting.

He then helped his sister when she had her first boy. And my best friend when she was pregnant. Our new neighbor was 7 months postpartum when they moved next door and Dan was even successful in helping her to ‘close the gap’ and fix her Diastasis Recti.

-Nicole K.

Restore your Core and Close the Gap.

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