Private Pay Therapy Services

Rehab Revolution was created to give you a chance to be in control of your own health. There is no better way to provide this than private 1-on-1 treatment sessions with no distractions, no rushed treatments, and no arbitrary limitations set by insurance companies who don’t even know you. See pricing below.

Build muscle, lose fat, recover from a stroke, or simply maintain your independence. Whatever your goal, we will customize a plan for you.

We then send a Licensed Professional directly to your home to help you implement it.

With Rehab Revolution, you receive far greater value than the standard Health Care Model allows:


The above graphic illustrates a simple truth… Rehab Revolution gets patients better, faster.

Please Note: Rehab Revolution Personal Rehab Solutions ARE eligible for FSA, HSA, or HRA plan*

Rehab-Revolution-Pricing Plans

If you have further questions, email me at or use the form below:

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