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What Is Physical Therapy And Why Is It Important?

Physical Therapy is the treatment of medical conditions using therapeutic exercises and activities, manual interventions (like massage, stretching, or even dry needling), and strategic use of thermal modalities. The goal is to solve your problem and reeducate your body to functional optimally.

Physical Therapy is becoming more and more important as medicine advances and we recover from sickness, strokes, pain, and hospital stays.


Healthcare services are changing and insurance is in the active process of failing us.

You pay for Medicare your whole life and you pay into private insurance every paycheck. When you need medical attention the most, you are told you ‘don’t qualify’, ‘that isn’t covered’, or ‘you have exhausted your benefits.’

  • You are discharged early from the hospital,
  • you get only a handful of days in a rehab facility,
  • you are sent home with no assistive devices,
  • and you are limited to a small handful of home health therapy visits.

The mission at Rehab Revolution is to supply you with knowledge you need and the services you want.

Knowledge is no longer limited to the select few and high-speed internet has put the answers to your questions at your fingertips.

A Physical Therapy Education is available to you the cost of broadband. This is what has sparked the revolution and I am here to be your resource.

Here at Rehab-Revolution.com, you can consult online with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, order Private Home Care Rehab Services, purchase Professionally-Curated and Clinically-Proven DIY Rehab Protocols, and access one of the top Physical Therapy blogs for consumers.

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