31 Best Home Health Care Jobs in Cleveland Area [February 2021]

Are you a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapy Assistant? Has Covid-19 affected your work life and your paycheck? Don’t answer that second one… I already know what you are going to say. But fear not, I have a solution for you. It is one that seems counterintuitive at first, but you should consider Home Health Care Jobs (especially in the Cleveland Area). (Skip to the jobs)

You: ‘Whoa! I’m not going into people’s houses! People are generally gross and now there is a pandemic!”

Me: ‘Hey! Loosen your gait belt and do some deep breathing while I explain…”

Elective surgeries were cancelled, patients cancelled visits because they did not want people coming into their homes, and the switch to the PDGM payor model had already hamstrung PT reimbursement. Home health visits dried up and many lost their jobs.

But healthcare must go on! After the CARES Act passed, telehealth visits were reimbursable and we as a profession regained some of our client base. As time passed, we shook off the initial shock and let our professional judgement and critical thinking take over. Proper and adequate use of PPE, social distancing, and plain old common sense took center stage and dulled some of our fears.

Here’s Why:

  • We are eligible to be first in line for the Covid-19 Vaccine.
  • Agencies have been supplied with more than adequate PPE.
    • Sanitizer, masks, barriers, glasses, shields, gowns, shoe covers, gloves— We are safe.
  • Instead of working in hospitals or clinics that have had thousands of people filing in and out, we work in private homes who have been social distancing and receiving no visitors.
  • When people are discharged home from the hospital they have either:
    • been tested and are Covid-negative or…
    • have had Covid-19 and passed their quarantine period.
  • Facilities are discharging people ASAP to make room for Covid patients, so our home care census is through the roof.

To Recap: Home health jobs are the best right now because the pay is (and always has been) great, census is sky-high and there is plenty of work, we are arguably the most insulated setting against Covid-19 infection risk, and patients are grateful to have someone help them come and be successful in their homes instead of sit at the edge of a hospital bed and kick their leg ten times.

Courtesy of Salary.com

Here are the 9 Best Home Health Care Jobs in Cleveland:

1. Caretenders

  • Summary: Recently purchased by the Nationally-Renowned LHC Group/Almost Family, Caretenders of Beachwood has been servicing the greater Cleveland Area since 19932. It has had its ups and downs but in 2019 they hired a new Executive Director who has ‘trimmed the fat’ and established a superb team.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Booming Caseload with strong and experienced team
    • Excellent Leadership
    • Chance for salaried position (almost unheard of in Home Health)
  • What employees are saying:
    • “While my friends and colleagues were getting laid off due to the pandemic, I’ve been as busy as ever. Titi (our Executive Director) is great at steering this ship and we have had all the support we could ask for in this strange time.” – Dan K. PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

2. Total Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Summary: A privately held company, Missy Zahoransky only hires the cream of the crop. This is a contract-therapy company that has managed to survive and thrive for years on the strength of the service it provides.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Privately-owned
    • Sterling reputation for STRONG team
    • Consensus Best support team for field staff
  • What employees are saying:
    • “This is a family-owned company that treats us like people. Probably the best part is the back-office support that we have while we’re in the field. Jeanne, Nancy, and Sarah are the best team I could ask for.” – Karen Q. PTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

3. HMW Cleveland

  • Summary: Raven Carter founded HMW to provide holistic therapy and wellness services previously unavailable to Northeast Ohio. With over a decade of experience, this Massotherapy and Wellness Clinic is looking to expand their Physical Therapy Division. If you are still unsure about the Healthcare Climate or simply want a part-time job, this is for you.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • High Pay
    • Modest hours commitment
    • Get in on the ground floor and help develop the therapy division of a rising star
  • What employees are saying:
    • “It is refreshing to be part of a team that actually has the gift of healing hands.” -Sandra B.
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

4. Building Blocks Therapy (Pediatric)

  • Summary: Building Blocks Therapy provides ABA therapy services to children with Autism, addressing and overcoming challenges in communication, behavior, and social and daily living skills. Building Blocks has experienced unparalleled success by providing these services to children in their home or school, where they are most effective.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of children during a time when they are struggling as much or more as the rest of us.
    • Competitive pay
    • Passionate and uniquely-collaborative team works towards the best outcomes for the kiddos.
  • What employees are saying:
    • A collaborative and client-focused environment that makes it fun for the kids – lots of toys and resources for therapy sessions! The job itself is very meaningful and Building Blocks is a great place to provide quality ABA therapy. – Faryl N. PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

5. Encore Rehabilitation Services

  • Summary: One of the fastest growing contract-therapy companies in the nation. Encore is owned and operated by therapists and former long-term care administrators who fully understand the rehab business and the complex challenges of long-term care management.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Established company with plenty of work
    • They service facilities as well, save drive time by seeing multiple patients in one place
    • Friendly and understanding management
    • They attempt to keep you in your local area
  • What employees are saying:
    • Management is greatly supportive and are always there for us. The setting is very easy going, The other therapists are very willing to share and assist in therapy. – (withheld) OTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

6. Jewish Family Service Association Of Cleveland

  • Summary: Certified by the CMS in 2000, this non-profit organization provides complete geriatric case management, Holocaust survivor support services, Philips Lifeline medical alert, Kosher home delivered meals, and a shuttle service. Not to mention their Dementia Caregivers Support Program and their teens and young adult empowerment program.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Positive culture
    • Meaningful work
    • Named a Top Workplace for the past 8 years in a row
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Jewish Family services is a quality company with a good reputation. JFSA is a wonderful workplace filled with good people. My experience there has been positive .’ – H.C. (current employee)
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

7. Omnicare Home Healthcare

  • Summary: Omnicare has been offering around the clock medical and nonmedical care since 2004. They are known in the Ohio Healthcare Scene as an up and coming agency who don’t hide the fact that their goal is to be the premier provider in Ohio.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Starting to attract the new-guard of therapists who are evidenced-based and lean on collaboration to achieve outcomes.
    • Census consistently growing, plenty of work even in these slow times.
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘It took a long time, but I finally got caregivers that I like.” – Theodore, current client of Omnicare
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

8. HealthPro Heritage LLC

  • Summary: HealthPro Heritage is one of the largest independently owned, diversified therapy and related service providers in the country.3 A contract therapy company that partners with a diversified portfolio of providers.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Work in a variety of settings
    • Strong sign-on bonuses
    • Established provider with strong leadership in place
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘As an on-site manager, I have the freedom to lead my team in my own way, yet I have the support of upper management behind me if I need it.’ – Elizabeth L. OTR
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

9. Fox Rehab

  • Summary: Tim Fox started Fox Rehab in 1998 with the thought that he can service geriatric clients in their homes under part B and remove the bureaucracy that normally holds therapists back.
  • Why it’s on this list:
  • What employees are saying:
    • “The more that I learned about their culture, the more I started to say ‘sign me up.” -Brett H. PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

10. Heartland Home Health Care

  • Summary: This not-for-profit, mission-based company uses proven care principles and protocols to provide top-of-the-line home health services across 27 states.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Specialized protocols to ensure Covid-19 safety
    • Multiple locations/positions open if you like to travel
    • Tuition assistance
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Heartland compensates its employees well along with flexible schedule and a team approach to patient care.’ – (current employee, PTA)
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

11. United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland

  • Summary: In 1950, UCP of Greater Cleveland was formed by a group of determined parents who saw few true opportunities for their children with cerebral palsy. UCP of Greater Cleveland serves children and adults with a broad range of disabilities through two Centers of Excellence:  LeafBridge for Children and OakLeaf for Adults. Their goal is to support the right for the disabled to have a fulfilling and inclusive life.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Non-profit with a meaningful mission
    • Competitive salary
    • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘The thing that I like most is the chance to work with a team more than 1-on-1 treatments. This helps to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle.’ -Rebecca F., Therapist
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

12. naviHealth, Inc

  • Summary: Since 2012, naviHealth has been a trusted partner for the nation’s top health plans. naviHealth’s high-touch, proven care model fully supports patients from pre-acute through to the home. Their goal has been to shift from volume to value.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Unique perks: Paid day of ‘giving back to the community’
    • Extra paid time off for new mothers
    • More paid holidays and combined PTO than other companies
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Great job, no micromanaging. Great pay and benefits. I would recommend working for this company.’ – Allison D., RN
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

13. St. Vincent Charity Medical Center 

  • Summary: SVCMC opened in 1865 and has grown with the city of Cleveland. They are committed to be a leading model for healthcare delivery in Northeast Ohio based on its faith-based mission, dedication to education, commitment to the communities it serves
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Many proprietary in-home specialty programs to help you cater to your patient’s needs.
    • Provide accessible care to the under-served of Cleveland, make a difference
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘It’s obvious to see that EVERYONE is involved in the healing process. No matter your position, we are all seen as caregivers.’ – Ted M., VP Human Resources
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

14. The Rising Workplace, Pllc

  • Summary: The Rising Workplace provides comprehensive on-site, remote and virtual ergonomic, injury prevention, and environmental health and safety (EHS) services, with outcomes proven to decrease workplace injury by 30%.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Ability to work remotely, especially in field of ergonomics
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘I know I made a difference… It pays off in spades to look after people in this way.’ – Kaye T., OTR
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

15. Humanly

  • Summary: Our groundbreaking solution pairs licensed physical therapists with an artificial intelligence powered digital therapist to help people overcome chronic and post-surgical pain faster and more cost-effectively than anything out there.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Work Remotely
    • Be a part of a new service delivery protocol and help to usher in the future
    • Attractive salary for qualified therapists
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘This is such a unique opportunity, I feel like we are on the cusp of something big in the rehab world.’ – (current employee), PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

16. Centra Healthcare Solutions

  • Summary: Technically Centra is a placement agency but they have a TON of Cleveland positions available
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Excellent compensation
    • Take assignments on 13 week basis… a ‘trial run’
    • They almost always offer to go temp to permanent.
  • What employees are saying:
    • “I had one point of contact and he was great! I could call any time and text after office hours if I had any issues.” -Craig T., PTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

17. Lake Health

  • Summary: Lake Health’s first location opened in 1959 with a mission to provide comprehensive health care services to the residents of Lake County and neighboring communities in partnership with those who share a commitment to local access, healing with compassion and superior quality.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Multiple satellite locations in the Northeast Ohio area
    • Telehealth positions available
    • Locally recognized as a “Best Place to Work”
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘The team atmosphere is very apparent. There are times to use your own intuition to take initiative and have creative ideas. Management acknowledges our hard work.’ – (current employee), PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

18. NOMS Healthcare

  • Summary: Founded in 2001 by physicians in Sandusky OH, NOMS currently comprises over 250 providers from Toledo in the West to Mahoning Valley and Western Pennsylvania in the East.  NOMS exists to provide the most advanced care for the lowest possible patient cost, and best outcomes. 
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Opportunity to engage in multiple specialty paths: Aquatic, Hand, TMJ, Back pain, McKenzie, and more.
    • Flexible hours
    • Multiple locations/coverage areas
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘The staff has been very welcoming. I feel comfortable having problems and asking for help. After two weeks of work, I feel important to the work environment and that I have an impact.’ – (Current employee), COTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

19. Alpine House Assisted Living Facilities

  • Summary: Technically part of the SAI Group, they believe “The ‘home’ helps define a person, and the role in life that one plays. It is, therefore, an important venue for healthcare when life disruptions are caused due to disease/injury.”
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Just starting to offer in-house therapy… be a part of shaping the culture.
    • Plenty of locations, plenty of patients, no lack of work
    • Excellent benefits due to their affiliation with SAI.
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Its a great company to work for, clean and welcoming. The patients there are so loving and they make the day go by much easier.’ – C.P., SLP (former employee)
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

20. University Hospitals

  • Summary: University Hospitals is one of the nation’s leading health care systems, providing patient-centered care that meets the highest standards for quality and patient safety and have received numerous awards and recognitions4 from some of the most prestigious institutions in the country for our leadership and exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Large homecare division with lots of work to be had
    • Talented team
    • Excellent University Hospital benefits
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘A great institution to be a part of! Our manager was always open to talk to and listen to any concerns.’ – Pete T., PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

21. Brookdale Senior Living

  • Summary: Brookdale Senior Living Inc. is the leading operator of senior living communities throughout the United States. The Company is committed to providing senior living solutions primarily within properties that are designed, purpose-built, and operated to provide the highest-quality service, care, and living accommodations for residents.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Lots of locations nationwide
    • Well established in the community
    • On a hiring surge!
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Flexible schedule and excellent PTO.’ – James B., PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

22. Soliant

  • Summary: A contract placement company most prevalent in California, Nevada, Dallas, and Miami. They now have multiple home-health positions in Ohio with a skew towards pediatric care and school-based settings. .
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Currently has multiple contracts with school districts
    • Strong pediatric presence
    • Higher than average salary
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘I can’t think of a better organization to work for. The best thing is, when I’m doing my job, there are no other pressures.’ – Tom. P., SLP
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

23. Cleveland Clinic

  • Summary: The Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. Cleveland Clinic was at the forefront of modern medicine when its founders opened it as a multi-specialty group practice in 1921. Now, 100 years later, the vision of the founders remains Cleveland Clinic’s mission: caring for life, researching for health, and educating those who serve.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Exceptional benefits befitting an organization this huge and renowned.
    • Ranked as the Nation’s #2 Healthcare System
    • Military-Friendly employer
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘The hours and people are amazing. A lot of opportunity for growth in specific areas. Great company to work for with great benefits.’ – Sandra P., PTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

24. Residence Home Care

  • Summary: Residence Home Care is a 5 star, ACHC accredited agency that continues to grow and is looking for multiple  Physical Therapists now. This position is for a PRN position in Cuyahoga County and surrounding areas with multiple opportunities.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Stellar hourly rate
    • PRN opportunity with no commitment
    • Generous 401k plan and opportunity for bonus pay
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Great small-owned company. I love the flexibility of not working for a corporation.’ – (current employee)
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

24. MetroHealth Medical Center

  • Summary: The MetroHealth System has been recognized on Newsweek’s inaugural list of Best Physical Rehabilitation Centers for 2020.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Making transition to home care, lots of new opportunity.
    • Attractive sign-on bonus as they try to grow their staff.
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘The care team at MetroHealth’s Rehabilitation Institute are miracle workers who help injured people reclaim their lives.’ – A. Boutros, MD
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

25. Select Specialty Hospital

  • Summary: Select Medical has helped to define the nation’s standard of excellence in specialized hospital and rehabilitative care. They have grown to more than 49,000 colleagues caring for nearly 78,000 patients every day across the care continuum. Select is one of the largest operators of critical illness recovery hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation centers and occupational health centers in the United States.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Clinical Advancement program pays for CEUs AND gives incentives.
    • Competitive tuition-assistance program
    • Many locations and opportunities for advancement
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘The benefits are great and there are a lot of incentives to advance.’ – Carolyn, M., PT, MSPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

26. Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio

  • Summary: Visiting Nursing Association of Ohio has been providing high-quality home care services for over 100 years. VNA of Ohio offers the largest scope of home-based health services in the state, promoting health and independence for those living in the communities that they serve.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Generous PTO
    • Flexible schedule
    • Great diversity of patients to hone your skills
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘Great place to work. Advancement opportunities, development of jobs skills, and integrity are three keys to this job.’ – (former employee)
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

27. Advanced Orthopedics & Physical Therapy

28. Classic Home Care

  • Summary: Classic Home Care is privately owned and growing strong in the Northeast Ohio/Cuyahoga County region. They are placing and emphasis on compassion and results over being a ‘patient-mill’.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • Urgently Hiring
    • High hourly rate
    • Setting high standards for Covid-19 protection
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘I’ve been doing home health for 10 years and Classic is the best company I’ve ever worked for.’ – Janet G., PTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

29. Sword Health

  • Summary: This is exciting! Sword Health provides clinically-validated programs work for all the major musculoskeletal issues, at any point in the journey: prevention, acute conditions, chronic pain and post-surgical recovery. They match members with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who uses their medical knowledge to diagnose the condition, designs a treatment program that evolves as they progress, and educates and coaches them, virtually.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • The only digital provider with an FDA-listed medical device.
    • Cutting-edge opportunity to work from home and be a part of the future.
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘We’re building the future of physical health: giving people a roadmap for a healthier life, no matter where they are.’ – Kevin, PT, DPT
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation


  • Summary: M&Y Care has been providing home care services to families since 1999. M&Y Care provides licensed medical professional care, companion care, and personal care services that allow individuals who need living assistance to stay at home.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • They own their own DME store… no more waiting and endless checking in with DME suppliers.
    • Locally-owned and based in Lyndhurst, Ohio
  • What employees are saying:
    • ‘I love the flexible hours and the pay helps me a lot. The people I work with are very nice and are improving with every visit. The company has very good standards and hold their employees to the same.’ – Charlie E., PTA
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

31. Bayada Home Care

  • Summary: In 2019, J. Mark Baiada oversaw the company’s unprecedented transition to a not-for-profit organization to ensure BAYADA’s mission, purpose, and business model would endure, and to help BAYADA realize its vision of helping millions of people worldwide experience a better quality of life at home.
  • Why it’s on this list:
    • $1000 sign-on bonus
    • Flexible schedule, mileage, and weekly pay(!)
    • Scholarship opportunities and career advancement.
  • What employees are saying:
  • Pre-screen with Rehab Revolution to receive a recommendation

Final Thoughts on the Best Home Health Care Jobs in Cleveland Area:

There you have it! There is a ton of opportunity right now for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and caregivers. Many companies are transitioning to remote work, which is strange but it is working. Those that still provide in-person visits are meeting the high standards of Covid-19 protection.

If you are interested in one of these jobs, make sure you Pre-screen with Rehab-Revolution. I have been involved in talent-acquisition and I know a current employee in most of these locations. A thumbs up from me will not guarantee a job, but its a strong first step.

If you are working from home or plan to transition, make sure you learn the Best Ways to Stay Healthy Working from Home. You’ll see a concise list of stretches, exercises, and ergonomic adaptions to prevent nagging injuries.

Finally, you are invited to subscribe to the blog and join the ever-growing Rehab-Revolution. Times are changing and we will be ahead of the curve.


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